Our Commitment

We are totally committed at Shearwater Sea Kayaking to the highest standards of safety whether on land or sea. Our qualified instructors will always have the safety of our clients as their top priority when planning activities.

Safety Statement

We don't just talk about safety; we put it into action:

En route to Skellig via Puffin Island.
En route to Skellig via Puffin Island.
  • All our instructors are qualified under Irish Canoe Union guidelines.
  • We operate a 1:6 instructor/student ratio and operate at all times in accordance with the Irish Canoe Union safety standards and recommendations.
  • Weather conditions are constantly monitored. We may from time to time be forced to curtail or even cancel our planned activities if wind conditions are deemed too challenging for the level of the group.
  • Clients are requested to inform us on application if they suffer from any of the following illnesses: Heart Conditions, Epilepsy, Asthma, any other physical disability which might impact on your ability to sea kayak safely.
  • We will provide all clients with a full set of protective clothing and strongly advise that footwear such as light runners, sandals or wet suit booties be worn in the kayak protect the feet on slipways and rocky shorelines.
  • We will carry out a full safety test before getting on the water.
  • Participants will be expected to act responsibly. Any behaviour that could jeopardize the safety or enjoyment of fellow course participants is potentially dangerous and not in the spirit of those who go to sea.

Sea Kayaking is a challenging, adventure-based activity involving significant physical effort carried out in an environment that demands respect. We at Shearwater Sea Kayaking insist that every client should read and sign our safety statement so that all parties understand, accept and support our policies and committment to safeguard all who go to sea with us.